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To the initiated, Horace Nicholls is ranked amongst the most important of early English photographers, but in the wider world he remains relatively unknown. Using over 200 slides from his remarkable life's work, David Mallinson reveals the untold story.

Divers entertain passengers on the 'RMS Norman' in Funchal - 1896. (Photo: HW Nicholls)

From his first assignments in Chile in the 1880s we follow him through the turn of the century in South Africa and his coverage of the Boer War. By contrast back home in England, as the nation basked in the glow of Edwardian summers, we see his highly individual view of the great society and sporting occasions, such as Ascot, the Derby and Henley. Ending with the work for which he will forever be known, we see his reporting of WW1 on the home front, including his outstanding coverage of women's war work.

The pictures are drawn from collections at the V&A, the Imperial War Museum, and the Horace Nicholls estate.

David Mallinson is Horace Nicholls’ grandson.

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